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Challenge 2: Minor Characters

Challenge 2: Minor Characters

For this challenge you are going to make icons of the minor characters these minor characters include all of the 7 deadly sins, the goverment excluding Roy and everyone else excluding Winry, Grandma, Ed and Al.

~Icons are due on Friday, June 30th

~Icons must be made fresh for the week's contest and completely by you. Addition of text, brushes, and effects onto pre-existing bases is not allowed, nor are old icons.

~Icons must never have been posted anywhere prior to conclusion of voting. This includes, but is not limited to: journals, websites, or any other kind of community.

~Icons must be 100x100 pixels and 40kb or smaller. Icons exceeding restraints will automatically be disqualified.

~You may submit up to 2 icons.

~Submit icons like so:

Icons Submited: 6

Need to be submitted: 10-12 at least
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